Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Packing your diaper bag with Dr. Brown's

This post is sponsored by Dr. Brown's.  All opinions are 100% my own and may differ from that of yours.

A purse, of some sort, is usually always attached to a woman.  They are a sense of pride and usually a really big investment for that woman.  Than you become a mom.  Do you still carry your purse and a diaper bag, only a diaper bag, or only a purse.  Everyone has their own style, but babies, they need things.  I was never the winner at those games played at bridal showers where everyone sees what is in there purse.  Now I will trample on anyone with the contents of my bag.  Hand sanitizer, wet wipes and disinfectant spray...check, check and check.   So what makes your diaper bag complete?

 I feel like packing a great diaper bag is a learned art.  Your babies needs change as well so your bags contents have to constantly evolve.  Specially in this weather you need to be prepared with items to keep baby healthy and clean.

Germs are just flying everywhere so that is when you need to turn to Dr. Brown's and their Healthy Wipes.  Healthy wipes are just one of the many things that I always keep in my diaper bag.  They make three kinds that are great for all ages: Tooth & Gum, Nose & Face, and Pacifier & Bottle wipes.

The Tooth & Gum wipes are great for after bottles or meals to make sure nothing is lingering in your little ones mouth.  They are simple to use and you wipe there gums just like you would anything else.  Now that we have a clean mouth, let's get to cleaning the one thing that is always dirty: the nose and face!  Specially with snotty colds, we are constantly wiping Nugget's nose and it can get so dry.  These wipes are free from alcohol so drying isn't an issue and they are are safe for skin and eyes. 

 Finally, my favorite are the Pacifier & Bottle wipes.  While I am not normally a germophobe, there are times where your baby's pacifier ends up is the grossest places.  High chairs are probably the most disgusting thing we come in contact with and I just pull out one of these and wipe that bad boy off.

When your little one is brand new, you need the most stuff to get through a day or at least you think you need the most stuff.  So what did my diaper bag look like when Nugget was newbie? Those first couple of times I left with Nugget, I felt like I packed the whole nursery. Considering we cloth diaper, space is at a premium.  I start with my diaper bag.  It is a Petunia Pickle Bottom Satchel and I LOVE IT!  It turns into a backpack, which before kids, I would have thought was really lame.  Now it is really awesome.  I feel like the size is just big enough to give me room for what I need and not to big that everything gets lost.

So you have a great bag, what do you pack in it?  This is going to depend on how old your baby is but this is what my diaper bag looked like when Nugget was a newborn:
  • Dr. Brown's Healthy Wipes
  • two burp rags
  • two outfits
  • 4-5 diapers
  • disposable wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • wet ones
  • diaper cream
  • like 10 pacifiers
  • a wubbanub
  • a small toy (which was never once used)
  • mittens
  • socks
  • pants
  • wallet
  • keys
  • changing pad
  • bib
  • thermometer
  • nose frida
  • gas drops
The list goes on and on and I probably used one thing while I was out with him.  Being a new mom, you have no idea and you want to be prepared.  Nugget is now 12 months old and this is what I take:
  • Dr. Brown's Healthy Wipes
  • 1 Gerber prefold as burp rag
  • 1 onesie
  • 2 diapers
  • cloth wipes
  • wipe spray
  • diaper cream
  • a wubbanub
  • 18 trillion toys
  • changing pad
  • and my wallet
I still carry to much stuff.  So what is your must have in your diaper bag for the winter months?

We are giving away a set of Healthy Wipes so you can always be prepared in these cold, germy months.  Enter below!

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